Cast and Creative


Ashley Hail (Una) - has performed a handful of roles among Cincinnati’s community theatre base, as well as a few roles while in college.  She would like to thank Don for his dedication, Dave for his direction, Mary for keeping everything on track, and Randy for all of his work on the posters, the blogspot, and everything else that I am forgetting.

Don Volpenhein (Ray) - Mr. Volpenhein has appeared locally onstage at The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati, New Edgecliff Theatre, Carnegie Arts Center, and the Jarson Kaplan Theatre at The Aronoff Center, among others, portraying such classic American characters as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird,  Captain Keller in The Miracle Worker, Jim Casy in The Grapes of Wrath, Elwood P. Dowd in Harvey, George Aaronow in Glengarry Glen Ross, and a turn as Bob Ewell in a second production of To Kill a Mockingbird. Other favorite roles include Beaudricourt in The Lark, Ivan in Art, and Judge Hawthorne in The Crucible. Donald has also appeared in Five productions with The Cincinnati Opera at Music Hall.  On television Mr Volpenhein appeared as Finton Doyle in “The Kill Point”, an 8 hr mini series that starred John Leguizamo.  Mr Volpenhein has directed over 30 productions in Cincinnati and New York, at The Covedale Theatre, The Carnegie Arts Center, The Jarson Kaplan Theatre, and recently Lend Me a Tenor at The Drama Workshop.  Mr. Volpenhein has worked extensively for the past fifteen years in TV production and served in various technical positions nationally and internationally for CBS Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN Sports, The Golf Channel, and ABC Sports and many others, including working the recent Super Bowls in Indianapolis and Miami, The Final Four, The Kentucky Derby, the PGA Tour, and many varied sporting events. He would like to thank Ashley for the idea, Randy for all his unheralded hard work, and David for his passion and patience....and of course my wife for putting up with me.


David Levy (Director) - Originally from Long Island, Levy has been in-and-around the Cincinnati theatre scene since his arrival in 1992.  You may have seen him on stage as Jesus at ETC, an Italian opera star for The Drama Workshop, or the head of a 1940's Brooklyn family at the Covedale (among other places).  You might have heard his sound designs over the years at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival, or while traveling around the world in 80 days at Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park (or, among many other places, as part of the recently produced "Disgruntled Employees" which you hopefully just saw right here!).  Levy's biggest and most recent contribution to the Cincinnati entertainment scene is as co-founder of True Theatre ("true stories told by real people"), enjoying its second season of one-night-only shows about every three months down at the Know Theatre.  Check them out at!)  Regarding this production, Levy couldn't be happier with the team assembled to pull it off (from the cast, to the producer, to all the other technical contributors).  He has worked with them all before and is grateful for all their hard work, putting together this challenging show.  It would be impossible for Levy to do all this (and more that there is not room to print!) without the love and support of his girlfriend, Jennifer, and his son, Tyson.  Kisses all around!

Mary Stone (Producer)

Randy W. Smith (Creative Liaison/Stage Manager)